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Born in 1981 in Yugoslavia, Nenad Branković became a Slovakian in 1997 and is a visual artist specializing in graphic design, objet trouvé, and experimental sound (with projects like Metrom, Phragments, and BRADA). He also explores photography, illustration, and Risograph printing, known online as @Risobrat.

Graphic Designer
Specializingin on Brand Identity,
Experimental Audio & Printing Creation

Risobrat — Frankfurt 2022

I possess a distinctive ability to create designs that embody a twisted, weird, and dark aesthetic. At Risobrat, we have a huge enthusiasm for experimenting with different techniques and styles, and we work closely with other artists to bridge the gap between various artistic worlds. Our passion for collaboration and experimentation fuels our creative drive. Est. 2021


The Academy of Fine Arts and Design 2007
The Academy of Fine Arts and Design 2007

TrueToluen is a graphic designer with a distinctive penchant for the unconventional, bizarre, and dark aesthetics. This pilot project emerged during their studies at the College of Fine Arts and was developed after successfully completing their diploma thesis in 2007.

Risobrat — Trondheim 2022
The Academy of Fine Arts and Design 2007


Is a dark music project from Bratislava, Slovakia. In summer of 2007 they started to experiment with their musical ideas. Metrom’s music is heavily based on improvisation, either in the studio or live. After some releases and many successful live performances Metrom went on a hiatus. In 2021, after 7 years of silence, the are back with an evolved sound. Rhythmic, abstract and still dark.

Recording & Mixed by Nenad Branković, Michal Tornyai

(Metrom & Yspotua — Atra Dies (Self-released) (EP)

Format: CDr, EP Country: Slovakia Member: Since 23th Nov 2007 Released: 19th Apr 2008 Copyes: Limited to 100 copy’s Genre: Electronic Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial


„After 13 long years of waiting, Metrom finally releases their long-expected follow up to their debut album. ‘No Return’ is a tour-de-force of what Metrom has been known for: heavy orchestral hymns, dark ambience and drone. Classical orchestration meets improvisation, melody meets noise. The album is composed of 5 songs recorded in 2008 – 2009, that haven’t aged a day and are exciting as ever.“


The first time Improvisation after nine years at HRADBY SAMOTY X.
03. 07. 2021 / Castle Moravany
Photographed by @embodiment_boudoir_sk


Ambient—Orthodox Doom—Improvisation
project BRADA > visual artists creating sound
> Nenad Branković > Boris Sirka <


Umenie Audiovízie / Creative Industry Košice
— DAAVS / ATD 22. 11. 2017


Project embodies the philosophy that zines should offer quick,
focused insights into subjects or ideas, realized through hand-crafted
production and risograph printing.


Sold Out

Published by Risobrat
V1 Binding: 24 pages
Weight: (150 g)
Dimensions: 7,4 x 8,6 inches (190 x 220 mm)
Date of Printing: 2021 – 2022
Hand Numbered Limited Edition Of 10
Printing Risography Color: Black

6 remaining

Published by Risobrat
V1 Binding: 18 pages
Weight: (150 g)
Dimensions: 7,4 x 8,6 inches (190 x 220 mm)
Date of Printing: September 2022
Hand Numbered Limited Edition Of 13
Printing Risography Color: Black


Milk / 2013

Festival Nová dráma / New Drama 10 years
in Milk Studio 2017 

CODES Brand House

Brand & Logo

Logotype creation holds a prominent place among my top disciplines
in graphic design. The overall visual
world of the brand is sexy